Elleke van Gorsel, the artist behind Studio-ePosh, designs elegant textile accessories which are wearable and domestic. She creates modern haute couture with a high tactile quality and a strong artisan character. The ornamental imagery refers to times gone by, it combines rich tradition with modern technology. As far as content is concerned Elleke van Gorsel is inspired by socially engaged themes, family ties, (autobiographical) history, religion, literary and philosophical texts, for her products as well as for her autonomous work. Referring to old customs, she translates her inner perception of the universal – life of all times and cultures – in personal archetypes and new rituals. Her work is well worth seeing as well as touching and feeling. Elleke van Gorsel studied at the Teacher Training Academy of Art in Amersfoort and at Sint Joost Academy of Fine Art in Breda. Notably her autonomous work consists of sculptures and installations, and has been included into several public collections, such as the principal collection of Rabobank, Michail Gorbatsjov’s private collection and has been on exhibition in various galleries, museums and other locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and France.

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